Our fantastic cast of Jason Manford, Sarah Hadland and Claire Morgan have made developing Daisy & Ollie so much fun!

Daisy and Ollie features an all star cast voice line up including comedian, presenter, actor and singer Jason Manford, actress and comedian Sarah Hadland, the amazing voice artist Claire Morgan, who’s works include Mr Men and Angelina Ballerina and guest appearances by none other than actor and comedian Brendan O’Carroll.

Jason Manford

Jason is joint Executive Producer, a script writer and the voice of both ‘Daddy’ and ‘Whizzy the robot.’

“It’s an absolute joy to work on ‘Daisy & Ollie’, and I was so eager to get involved knowing that I could finally make a show that my own kids could watch and enjoy. I spend so much time watching kid’s TV that I know what it’s like for adults to have to sit through shows that aren’t aimed at us. This show has something for everyone and you can all enjoy it together, like I will with my children.”

Sarah Hadland

Sarah is the voice of Daisy

“I’m Sarah and I play Daisy in the show. It’s great fun behaving like a child in the studio, I love it! Daisy’s a great little character, inquisitive and lively like most little girls really. She’s got a really special relationship with Daddy, often turning the joke on him! We’ve got a great cast, it’s a joy to do, there’s lots of laughs!”

Claire Morgan

Claire is the voice of Ollie and Boo the monkey

“Children ask a lot of awkward questions…and often in public! I think Daisy and Ollie will help a lot of parents out with the answers.

I play Ollie and also Boo the cheeky monkey. Ollie is a kind, thoughtful and smart little boy who asks lots of questions and Boo is an excitable monkey! Both characters are a lot of fun to play, in fact it’s the most fun you can have in a studio!”